Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Long And Winding Network Marketing Road

In the mountains of West Cork, a short drive from where I live, there is an old gravel road that winds through the hills for miles like a gigantic snake before coming to a long-forgotten lake the size of a small village. We canoe there in the Spring, swim there in the Summer and camp there if the weather is fine in Autumn. In the Winter we walk the dogs.

We have christened this place 'The Long And Winding Network Marketing Road' and I'll explain why...

I take our three dogs here once a week with the family to blow out a few cobwebs, drag myself away from the social media drug I seem increasingly addicted to and give my wife and three children a few hours of family time with dad (whether they want it or not!)...

The dogs love it. It's wild and rugged with all kinds of distractions along the way and plenty to sniff, smell, roll in and occasionally consume and at the end there is the lake; blue and deep and free for all to take their share.

The dogs know this place well by now of course. They have seen the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and drank from the lake, swam in it and chased geese across it in the Summer and when we take our walk each week they have the same choices to make.

They can race towards the lake, head down, forcing anyone in their way to either run for cover or follow their frantic lead.
They can take their time, enjoy what the jorney has to offer them, maybe even see if they can make a few good friends along the way or learn something no other dogs know.


They can think about the size of the lake and wonder if there will be anything left for them to drink when they finally get there, racing headlong towards it.
They can tell a few good friends where the lake is and what a great and wonderful place it is. Maybe there are other lakes and rivers they might find along the way, who knows?

If you hadn't guessed I'll tell you what they do. They stroll, play, roll in the long grass and meander on and off the road like three old friends returning home after a long night on the black stuff. They enjoy each and every second of their journey along 'The Long And Winding Network Marketing Road' and when they reach the lake they take what they need and leave the rest behind, after all there is more than enough to go around.

And every week with every walk I notice how much pleasure they take from the journey. You can race towards the lake, leaving your family and friends wondering where you have gone and who you are or you can take your time, focus on the end but enjoy the ride along the way. Swim in the ocean when you get there but don't forget to dip your toes in the river along the way.

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