Saturday, December 20, 2008

'Want To Know Something Amazing About This MLM Cat Of Mine?

We have this cat see? She lives with us, like one of the family you understand? We call her MLM and here's why...

MLM landed on our door a couple of years back - the way cats do sometimes. She was a bit rough at the edges and looked like a good meal would be easily lost on her skinny frame. We didn't want a cat. Never wanted a cat (nothing against them but our middle child has allergies and her eyes blow up like Marty Feldman and we've three dogs who like the idea of chasing anything that moves).

So we fed her. Yeh, I know, not the best idea ever but she was hungry.

And we agreed as a family she wouldn't be allowed in the house and would make a bed for her in the shed if she wanted it.

But, as cats do, she didn't see it the same way and spent the first couple of months on the window ledge, looking in when we were eating as a family and tapping on the glass to see if we would open the door and throw her some food. She was just being herself and we liked that so let her stay.

After a while we would leave the window open a little and throw food through it every so often to keep her quiet (she had started to meeow loudly by then and the tapping on the window was almost non stop).

Then one day she made her way in through the window and sat beside us as a family while we ate supper. This was a persistent cat you understand.

So we fed her again. Yeh, I know, not the best idea but she was pretty entertaining to have around and the kids loved her meeowing as we ate.

And we agreed as a family she was only allowed in at meal times and all other times she would be outside.

But as cats do (and great networkers too) she had other ideas. MLM persisted, she made her meeows more amazing and entertaining (she even started to meeow when we were talking as a family at meal times as though she were agreeing or disagreeing) and we were smitten. Smitten with this amazing big MLM kitten if you want to know. She had got through the door and we were hooked!

7.00am this morning and MLM is walking on top of my head to wake me from my slumber beneath the duvet. She wants her breakfast and she's just letting me know. Honest and to the point so I get up and I feed her some fresh salmon from the fridge. I know, not a great idea but this is a long term relationship and you have to make a few sacrifices don't you...?

So, if you're struggling with your network marketing business, or any other home based business in fact, take a few tips from MLM.

Be persistent
Be entertaining
Be amazing
Be focused
Be honest
Be yourself

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